Graphic & Web Design Certified Associate (GDCA)

Course Description

Advance your career in Graphic & Web Designing, 100% Job Assistance Training Program , We have tied up with Many companies who seek talented professionals and give an opportunity to work with them

  • Major Categories of Web & Graphic designing
    • Coreldraw
    • Dream weaver
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Photoshop Design
Graphic Designing

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is the work of visual communication and also problem solving through typography, space, image and colour. The field can be tracked to get the origins from visual communication and communication design. It allows various methods to create and combine words, images and symbols to get a visual representation of ideas. A combination of typography, visual arts and page layout are processed to get a final result.

What is Web Design?

Designing a webpage requires different skills and disciplines to produce and maintain a website. The dynamic parts of web design includes interface design, authority, web graphics design, including standardized code and proprietary software, Search engine optimization and user interfacing. Web designing is an integral part of IT that which involves presenting them online. A web page with dynamic and interactive contents which gets updated periodically ensures a better health of the page in future.

Animation Humors enhances the User Interface of the page thereby making the users to stick on to your page. Web designing is a particular stage of the broad process of web development which ranges from gathering requirements of the client to maintaining the website and modifying it to stand up at upcoming modern days

Web Designing

Program Time & Duration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this ever changing Tech-world that changes to infinity, it is must to be innovative to run along with it. Being creative and something new design would make your site attractive as something new is always desired. With this course, you can get in-depth knowledge of designing a website and capable enough to do freelance projects.

Web designing is an integral of graphic designing which involves designing contents of the pages of a website. It includes designing the layout, images and graphical contents of a website. both Raster and vector graphics processing are done in a web designing work. Designing a page which is adaptive to any display resolution, enhances your design and such design method is called Responsive Web Design.

Obsolutely, yes! the training program will make you capable of working with or without templates. Custom Designs are more welcomed as most templates lacks the SEO friendly nature or easy modifications or being used million of times. Making custom design makes your site unique and is always appreciable.

Nothing much than any degree, Pc/Laptop with some set of tools, and tonnes of interest and dedication would do. Our professionals will train you to know what all the tools you will be needing, how to use them, the language using which a website can be designed. And most importantly 6 months or a year of your time, based on your involvement in designing some site.