Web Development Certified Associate (WDCA)

Course Description

Advance your career in Graphic & Web Designing, 100% Job Assistance Training Program , We have tied up with Many companies who seek talented professionals and give an opportunity to work with them

  • Major Categories of Web Developing
    • Php
    • MySql
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Jquerry
    • Blogging
Web development

Web Development

Web Development is a broad term referring the work of developing a website. It can refer to development from single static page of text to most complex web-based applications. Literally the tasks involved in web development are web engineering, web designing, web content development, client lialison, client/server side scripting, web server, network security configuration and ecommerce development. Web

Development Process

The process of Developing a website involves a series of methods and tasks that initiates from obtaining the requirements of the clients and ends with maintaining the developed site which is obviously a never ending work. Amidst these task lies various complex designing and programing works, where the site is build up for its effectiveness. Thus designed prototype is tested for any bugs and made precise to meet each need as desired by the client. Such process can be categorized into six stages. Each stage has its own input.

Development Process

Program Time & Duration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Web Development is a constantly evolving industry that meets changes everyday. In such a fastest-paced industry, it is mandatory to look up and learn what’s about to come or risk being left in the antique shop. The History of programming is an Abstract story. Studying such history will be like reverse engineering the years of cryptography. The rules of languages, Speech and customs everytime we wanted to say “hello” changes more often. Such field that which moulds itself will keep running with the world.

Nothing much than any degree, Pc/Laptop with some set of tools, and tonnes of interest and dedication would do. Our professionals will train you to know what all the tools you will be needing, how to use them, the language using which a website can be developed and appropriate systems which will help you to maintain a thus developed site. And most importantly 6 months or a year of your time, based on your involvement in developing some site.

Why not, Once you complete the WDCA course, you will be very well capable of developing a website and maintain it as well. Our professionals will make you to have in-depth knowledge of the processes involved in Developing and maintaining a web site. Till your course period, you will be working with sample projects and after that you can jump off with your own Development Business.

The web apps are the applications that works in a browser, which is not a web page, \instead it is which offered you to do something like sharing picture and various web plugins. Where as, web-based applications are apps that which emphasis the web, which implies that such apps requires an active internet connection for working. And a cloud-based app is one in which the functions of cloud server of virtual server takes place. It has the characteristics of a web app and Desktop app characteristics integrated.